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More people, more fun!

Group Canoe tripsPrivate canoe trips can be booked for groups and group incentives are available. In other words, the more, the merrier! We prefer a minimum group size of 15 people. With 15 paying customers, the group organizer gets a free trip. That's a free trip in addition to any special group pricing!

We delight in putting together custom trips for organizations and businesses. Centennial Canoe Outfitters, Inc. is experienced in providing team-building trips with exercises and a facilitator. We also work with many nonprofit organizations inclusing the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, providing a backcountry adventure used as a fundraiser.

Work as a team!

Our canoeing and sea kayaking trips introduce a natural environment for communicating and working together as a team, maneuvering boats down the river with a paddle partner, putting the camp together, telling jokes, singing around a campfire, having water fights and releasing creative energy.  There is always a special bonding that occurs within the group by the end of the trip as they have shared many experiences together outside the normal “office” environment. 

Special team exercises can be conducted while in camp or on the river such as blindfolded teams putting up tents, scavenger hunts, boat tag, etc.  We can provide the facilitator or you can bring your own.  Ron Martin, CEO Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. of  Dallas, TX, said about his team-building canoe trip with Centennial Canoe: “...team-building exercises were both challenging and educational, but more importantly, accomplished my goal of bringing our sales and planning teams closer together.”

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