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If you’re contemplating a self-guided river trip you may need a shuttle service and we can help. One necessity of running rivers is getting your vehicle in the proper place at the end of your trip. This can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with the put-in and take-out points on the river.  Fear not, we have an intimate knowledge of all the rivers that we are permited for, down to the exact mileage and time it will take to move your car. We can also provide maps of the river, suggest the best camping, and mention river hazards that you might encounter.

For private boaters, we primarily provide shuttle service for:

  • Gunnison River (Escalante, Delta, Pleasure Park and Escalante Canyon Bridge boat ramps; this river features Dominguez Canyon Wilderness Area). Price varies from $90 to $225 depending on launch site and gear retrieval at end of trip.
  • Colorado River (Loma, and Westwater boat ramps). Price varies from $100 - $200 depending on launch site and gear retrieval at end of trip.

Centennial Canoe can also provide group shuttle service for the Green River (Moab, UT), Dolores (Gateway, CO), Yampa River (Craig, CO), White River (Rangely, CO), and North Platte (Saratoga, WY) Rivers. Please call to request a price quote and availability.

Reservations must be made one week prior to departure date.

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